About ‘The Biggest Sports News’

‘The Biggest Sports News’ is a blog designed to bring different perspectives on the major news in sports. As well as topical issues the blog will provide different articles to bring awareness to big stories which may not have been covered by the main stream media. Overall the site will bring viewers all of the top stories in the major sports around the globe.

My name is Owen Clouting and I am a 23 year old graduate the University of East Anglia and chief author of ‘The biggest Sports News’. I’ve started this Blog to gain experience in analytical writing for a future job in the field.  Thank you for reading, if you could like, comment and/or share that would help me greatly. I hope you enjoy and if you want to see me follow me here!

If you would like to ask me anything or to write an article in ‘The Biggest Sports News’ please feel free to send me an email at owen.clouting@live.co.uk.

Also for extra content check out the instagram account at @thebiggestsportsnews and the Twitter page @BiggestSports also our Facebook page at ‘The Biggest Sports News’

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