Tops and Flops- Review of the first week of the football season, 8th to 13th of August

Here at ‘The biggest sports news‘ we are taking inspiration from ‘the whistle sports’ with our new piece, called Tops and Flops. This means that for the rest of this football season we will be comparing each match week in football, picking a number of players, teams or individuals who have performed at the top level, or who have completely flopped.

This week has been anticipated for months by football fans. The first competitive occasion that teams get to show off their new signings and ideas to the football world. Already some big money has been spent all across the world with notable players such as Di Maria, Christian Benteke and Raheem Sterling moving to different clubs. So without further waiting lets dive into who has topped our rating this week in football.

image credit- Sky Sports
image credit- Sky Sports

Claudio Ranieri- What a return to the premier league for the Italian manager. At 63 the manager is one of the oldest in the league, but since arriving he has shown a great deal of desire and energy. This translated instantly into his Leicester City’s team performance against Sunderland. The team maybe essentially the same that Nigel Pearson left but Marc Albrighton stated in the ‘Leicester mercury’ about the new manager that “he has put his mark on the side and come in with a couple of fresh ideas…We are working on them and it showed against Sunderland”. Its been great to see the ‘tinker man’ back in British football and if he continues the Leicester fans will be just as pleased. Three goals were scored in the first half an hour and lead to a comprehensive win for the foxes, meaning Ranieri this week makes it into the Tops list.

Lionel Messi- Almost unanimously Messi is considered the best player in the world right now. He showed why this week against Seville with 2 unbelievable free kicks in the space of 9 minutes. The overall match was an amazing watch with an extra time goal from Pedro sealing the trophy for Barcelona in a 5-4 thriller. His two goals were truly remarkable and showing why the little magicians left foot is one of the most feared weapons in football. If there is one thing which is almost certain this season, its that Messi is going to feature a lot more in this Top section. See both his goals here

Martin Hansen- Never heard of him? Well he’s the goalkeeper for Ado Den Haag, still not ringing any bells? Well neither had we until he scored a glorious back-heal finish to equalize with PSV in injury time. In the 94th minute a free kick was awarded and Hansen ran up field in a last gasp attempt. The ball came in but fell behind the run of the goalkeeper, he threw his leg behind him and directed the ball perfectly into the bottom corner. It certainly deserves recognition in the top list and will be remembered for a long time I’m sure. If you want to see why this makes it into the top list, here is the link

Now we go onto to the individuals or teams that struggled this week and who got a place in our Flops list.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by BPI/REX Shutterstock (4931278ae) The Telegraph
Image Credit: Photo by BPI/REX Shutterstock (4931278ae) The Telegraph

Eva Carneiro/ Jose Mourinho – Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with Swansea at home was poor enough as it is. However, it was overshadowed by an incident at the end of the game. Chelsea in the last few moments were pushing for the victory when Eden Hazard went to the floor appearing injured. The referee called on the medical staff and the Chelsea doctor as well as head physio ran on to the pitch. This meant that time would be reduced and Chelsea would be without him for a short amount of time when play resumed. Mourinho seeing Carneiro run onto the pitch went crazy and in the post match press conference called her and the physio ‘Naive’. She will no longer be on the bench for the foreseeable future. The whole incident has been blown way out of proportion and brought in a lot of negative press for both of their actions. Therefore they both get a place on the Flop list.

Image credit ITV
Image credit ITV

Simon Hooper- He was the referee at the Norwich City v Crystal Palace match. He made a couple of very poor decisions in the end of the game which changed the course of the match. He decided not to give a penalty against Palace while the game was separated by just 1 goal when Bassong was pushed over in the box. This was a bad mistake but mistakes can be made so we will put that one down to human error. What earns him a place in the flop list though was disallowing Cameron Jerome’s equalizer for a high boot. Jerome was not causing any danger and the boot was below head height making his decision insane. It really is ridiculous and his decision cannot be justified, especially at the highest level.

image credit gettyimages-483481158
image credit gettyimages-483481158

Petr Cech – Finally the only signing for Arsenal in this transfer window had a shocker. In the 2-0 defeat to West Ham United. Cech was at fault for both goals that went in. On the first occasion he flew out for a free kick which Kouyate attacked, getting to the ball before the keeper and scoring into an empty net. The second goal was no better. The Czech goalkeeper was completely wrong footed by the long range shot which hit the back of the net, a good distance away from the right hand corner. It was a terrible debut for his new club and as a result earns him a place in our flop list.

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