The Decline of Parma FC

To long time football fans, Parma is a football club which will be instantly recognisable. In the last quarter of a century they have been a strong team in Serie A and been a fixture in many European cup competitions as well. They may not be as strong or well known as Juventus, AC Milan or Internazionale (Inter Milan) but they have certainly been a big club. Well the sad news came at the end of the 2014/15 season that Parma was declared as bankrupt and, after not being able to find a buyer to relinquish the debt, are now set to be playing their matches in the 4th tier of Italian football.

This is not the Parma we should remember however, this is.


The squad had an unbelievable set of world class players and in 1999 won the UEFA Cup against Marseille. The team included Buffon, considered one of the best goalkeepers of all time. Fabio Cannavaro is seen as a legend in Italy for his international performances as well as playing for Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid, commanding impressive transfer fees as well. Lillian Thuram joined Cannavaro in defense and won the 1998 world cup and Euro 2000 with France on route to becoming the most capped French player ever. Juan Sebastian Veron seen on the top far right won many honors in Italy with Parma and Lazio before moving to Manchester United for, at the time a British transfer record deal of 28 million. Herman Crespo is also instantly recognisable with key spells at the likes Chelsea and AC Milan, being seen as one of the best strikers in the world while he was at his prime.

Unfortunately a once great club which was represented by some of the best players to ever grace a football pitch is now tainted with the image of their current state. A club with no money to pay players, stewards and even have hot running water. I hope everything gets sorted at Parma and they can recover from this horrific state that they find themselves currently.

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